Month 4- Measurements -

Before I share what my measurements are this month, I will reflect on how I’m feeling as I usually do in my measurement posts. This month like previous months, I continue to have increased energy, am feeling satisfied with the foods that I am eating, and I am definitely getting stronger.

In terms of my meal plan, I am understanding the importance of high protein foods and nutrient dense foods (i.e. broccoli, squash, cauliflower). When I eat high protein and nutrient dense foods, I feel fuller and satisfied longer. I am also understanding the increased importance of water. On average, I am drinking 15 (8 oz) glasses of water per day. When I fall below that, I feel dehydrated and I find that the next day I am making up for it.

As it relates to my feeling stronger, while I am lifting heavier weights than I have been (8-10lb for shoulders, 10lb for tricep extension, and 12-15 for back and biceps) I am also seeing noticeable difference in my everyday life. For example, when fixing the deck I was able to move the planted flower pots off the deck and back on and I carried an assembled chair to the car and from the car to up the stairs in the house. These are things that I would not have thought I could do in the past .

My final comment on reflection is that this is a lifestyle I have embraced.  As opposed to a diet, which I found not to be sustainable, by being on a meal plan in which I am conscious of the food choices that I’m making, eating key nutrients that I enjoy (proteins: steak, chicken, and fish; vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, cherry tomatoes are some of my favorites but really any veggies are good), drinking less alcohol, and drinking more water I am not depriving myself.  I am eating in a manner in which I am able to sustain.  Proper food choices combined with exercise equal enhanced performance and physique.

Week 4 Measurements:

As a reminder, these measurements are in comparison to my measurements when began this journey on February 7.

Right Bicep: Unflexed 10 3/8″ (decrease of 2″)  Flexed 11 ¼” (no change)

Left BiceP: Unflexed 10 ½” (decrease of 1″) Flexed 11 1/8 (increase of 1/8″)

Waist: 27 ¼” (decrease of 1″)

Hips: 33 ½” (decrease of  2 5/8″)

Bust: 32 ¼” (decrease of 3/8″)

Right Thigh: 21” (decrease of 1/8”)

Left Thigh: 21” (decrease of 1/8”)

Neck: 12” (increase of 1/4″)

Right Calf: 14 ¼” (decrease of 1/4″)

Left Calf: 14 ½” (decrease of 1/8″)

It’s progress. I’m starting to see more definition, my arms especially my right arm unflexed is starting to show definition and my abs are starting to come in (definition). It’s been slower progress than what I was expecting, but it’s healthy progress- done the right way with hard work, proper nutrition, a great trainer, and a wonderful support system (I wouldn’t still be doing it without you, John).