While I am not one to make excuses, I really do have a valid reason as to why I have no measurements to post for month five.   It’s not because I’ve fallen off the wagon, seen a plateau or even gains. In fact, I kept saying to John, “We need to take my measurements.”  And, this month just flew by for two reasons, my new Bullmastiff puppies, Piper (a girl) and Bingo (a boy).

When John and I got litter mates, Piper and Bingo, we thought how hard can two puppies be.  We’re learning it’s far more consuming than we thought, but totally worth it. Our world changed for the better.   Piper and Bingo are  beautiful, sweet, time consuming, loving, trouble making puppies.

My workouts changed from going to the gym for cardio and weights to a different kind of cardio-constantly on the go watching Piper and Bingo  and weight lifting consisting of carrying them (Piper weighing in at 11lbs and Bingo weighing in at 10lbs) up and down the couple stairs from the deck to the yard for house breaking several times a day.


Although my workouts as I knew them changed dramatically, I made sure that I stayed on track with my nutrition-meal plans and drinking lots of water to compensate.