Val Wolfe Picture

Hi, I’m Val. I have always enjoyed learning about fitness and nutrition. Five years ago, I got certified as a group fitness instructor, and I hold certifications in spinning, yoga, TRX, Tabata, and Shockwave.

While I truly enjoy teaching group fitness classes and find it rewarding,  I personally use it as a release for my full time job as a marketing professional.  Like many of you, I struggle with work-life balance.   I can relate to the challenge of coming home from work and being tired,  needing to tend to things at home, eating dinner etc. By the time all of those life things are done, it’s late and hard to think about getting into the gym.  I will be honest, recently, I went from working out four days a week to one day a week.

I realize that working out is important on so many levels.  Working out releases endorphins that make you feel better and put  you in a better mood not to mention the countless health benefit that come from working out.  When I work out, not only do I feel better, but I tend to eat better. Although I try to eat clean, I struggle with making it sustainable long term and treating eating well as a lifestyle.

I am always looking for a workout that is going to push me and raise the bar on my fitness. I think that I work out hard, however, I’m not seeing the results that I desire such as weight loss and muscle definition.

John recognized that I am in search of how to raise the bar on what I’m currently doing and just not seeing the results I want.  For my 41st birthday, John got a me a gift that I would never get for myself- a fitness consultation complete with meal/nutrition plan, customized workouts, and trainer.  I cannot thank John enough for providing me this opportunity and being a great system of support and motivation.

I started this blog to track and share my journey raising the bar on my current fitness and taking it to the next level.

My personal goal is to get stronger, transform my body shape, and learn more about the role nutrition plays.