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Between Shows

The week between shows started a little rocky.   My stomach was a mess, and I didn’t have much of an appetite.  I did my best to eat on plan, but really eating made my stomach hurt .

I am back to my pre-show week meal plan and workouts listed below.   I got to the gym although I didn’t start the week with the same intensity that I finished the week.  In addition to not feeling well, this week was also challenging due to lots of extracurricular activities Monday night, Wednesday morning, and Thursday night.  Luckily, I was able to work from home as opposed to taking the train downtown, getting home late and still having to get to the gym.

While I was able to carve out time for the gym,  the time I spent there during the week was limited.  Instead of doing cardio and weights each time I was in the gym as I normally would, I dedicated Monday and Thursday for cardio and Tuesday and Wednesday for weights with a focus on lifting heavier and pushing myself to the point of failure.

Friday and Saturday not only was I feeling much better, but I had time to spend on both cardio and weights.

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