Cheat Meal

Every week, I am allowed one cheat meal.  A cheat meal is categorized as a meal that would be considered an indulgence.  Such choices may include a cheeseburger, pizza, pasta, whatever it is you’ve  enjoyed eating and are currently not or something that you are craving.   Think of a cheat meal as a way to reward yourself of the hard work and discipline you’ve been putting in.

However, don’t let your cheat meal derail your weekly progress and overall progress.  To do that the cheat meal should still be tracked to the best of your ability.  By tracking your cheat meal, you are still accountable for what you’re eating.  Megan recommended that based on my goals and my meal plan that my cheat meal not put me at more than 300 calories over for the day.

I had made plans to go with my family for pizza.  This was something I was looking forward to not only because I get to catch up with my family, but because we were meeting at Pequods. Pequods Pizza is not like any other pizza.   Their pan pizza is cooked in a black pan and the cheese goes to the end of the pan so that the crust becomes carmelized cheese.  It is an indulgence.

This was a true cheat meal. In the past my cheat meals have gone off course but not to the level of pizza.  I have been looking forward to Pequod’s for weeks.

To save as many calories as I could for dinner, I planned what I ate during the day.  When I was hungry, I turned to veggies which is a low calorie filler.  I also stayed busy and out of the house.

In the past, when John and I have gone to Pequods we would get a large pizza with pepperoni and mushroom (so we can have left overs) and a couple beers to wash it down.  This time, we downsized our pizza- taking home no left overs. We kept the toppings we usually order because it is a cheat meal. Instead of washing it down with beer, I had one glass of wine.

Pequods was definitely worth it and gave me new definition for what a cheat meal truly is.  Surprisingly, when I logged my food into My Fitness Pal I was only over by 307 calories which is actually pretty good considering that I had two pieces of pizza.

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