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Competition & Awards- OCB Show

I competed in two divisions, Women’s Figure Masters and Open.  Just prior to going on stage, show tanners sprayed competitors with Pam for a light sheen to accentuate muscle appearance.

A show volunteer in the staging area lined competitors up by division and number.  My number was 12 so I actually was right in the middle for my divisions.

After walking upstairs, I lined up with other competitors in my division, behind the stage curtain, waiting for the judges to call our division, Figure Masters first followed by Figure Novice.  I was told by the back stage coordinator that since I was competing in Masters and Novice that I would stay upstairs and get lined back up since Novice followed Masters.

Walking on stage, I lined up with the other competitors, some of who were already on stage.  Once on stage and in line, competitors immediately strike and hold the front pose until all remaining competitors are on stage.  One holds the front pose until the head judge says, “1/4 turn to the right.”   Then competitors pivot one the right foot to a side pose and strike that pose until the judge cues “1/4 turn to the right,  cueing back pose and again waiting for the cue to ¼ turn again for side pose.

Competitors continue to ¼ turn until they are facing front again and hold the front pose until cued by the head judge. Any moves competitors make will be driven by the head judge.

The head judge calls out competitor numbers to switch positions so that those people switch positions giving the head chance an opportunity to view competitors from a different angle.   At this time, all other competitors continue to hold their position. In Masters, my number was called I raised my hand cueing my position to the competitor with whom I was switching positions and I walked in front so that the judges would see me until I got to my new position.  In working with Emily, she advised not to move until I knew where I was going and to walk in front forcing the other competitor to walk in back. This was the strategy because you want the judges to always see you and you don’t want to move until you know where you are going.

After I competed, I went back downstairs and waited for the women figure open (all ages and divisions) and men’s divisions to compete before intermission.   Since there was a small gap in the show,  I joined John and my parents in the crowd.

Following intermission,  T-walk routines began. T-walks, which were optional in this show, allow competitors to perform a routine.  During the T-walk, competitors go on stage, strike their favorite pose, walk out to the judges and continue their posing walking to the right followed by walking to the left.  So you’re literally forming a T.   Competitors wait back stage for their number to be called.  I walked onto the stage a little early- my number was called and I walked on stage, but I should have waited for the music to start.  My first pose was a double bicep curl followed by my front pose.  Then I walked to the right for a side pose and to the left for a side pose.


After T-walks, came awards.   The back stage volunteer called out divisions and finalists by number.   For Masters,  my number was called and all competitors walked onto the stage.  When my number was called I went on stage and to receive my trophy placing 4th.

John and my parents were there to congratulate me which was such a great feeling.

Now, I get to enjoy a cheat meal.   Since I have another show on April 22, this is not a true cheat meal as most competitors were going out for pizza and beer, but it is a cheat compared to what I ate this week.      We went to Kiku’s in Naperville for Hibachi.

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