Figure Competition

Day of Show-First Competition

Today is the day I have been working toward for the last year, my first figure competition.  My mom reminded me that I announced my decision to get on stage one year ago almost to the day.   It was a decision that I made and a journey that neither John or me knew anything about but we were on this journey together.  We learned a lot along the way.

I believe that my journey started six months ago when I began working with Emily as my coach.   Six months of dedication, hard work, a great support system, John, my family, and friends, got me to the stage.

I am excited.  I wouldn’t say nervous but maybe anxious. I don’t know what to expect as I have nothing to compare this to.

This journey has been all about preparation and support and today is no different.  I have my meals packed, my suit, heels, jewelry, and tools in case my suit breaks.

Schedule for the day:

Wake up:  4:30am

I made myself a cup of coffee to sip on since I would not be able to function without it, and off I go.

5:oo I left the house for the Holiday Inn Express in Sycamore IL, the host hotel for the OCB show.

6:00 I arrived and had meal one—2 oz flank steak and ½ cup oatmeal.

6:20  the makeup artists arrived and we began work.   I was glad to have two of them as it took quite some time- a good 40 minutes.

7:00 left hotel for the Egyptian Theater in Dekalb, IL

7:20 arrived at the Egyptian Theater

7:30 Tanning

8:00 Getting ready/waiting for the competitor meeting   (I was supposed to have meal 2 now, but I forgot to eat)

10:00 Competitor Meeting

11:00 Show starts

2:00pm T-Walk Routines (optional for this show)

3:30pm  Awards


Arriving at the theater, I didn’t know where to go.  There were no signs to direct competitors.  I did see someone who directed me to go downstairs backstage.    Once downstairs, off to the immediate left was what the show designated as the oil room (where competitors get sprayed with Pam prior to going on stage).   Just beyond that was a dressing area with ample outlets and cubby holes/shelving to store personal belongings.  There were other dressing areas further back and the male competitors seemed to be all the way in the back.

After getting a lay of the land downstairs, I took my bag and went back upstairs and got in line for spray tanning.   In line in front of me was Jen, a woman I met the night before at registration.  There was a comfort level in knowing someone, and I’m glad that I found Jen.

As a figure competitor, I received two light coats of spray tan.  Once dry, I went downstairs and set myself up in the front dressing area where Jen and a few other women were set up.   I used this time before the competitor meeting to prep. I touched up my hair and used my band to pump up my muscles.

Just before the competitor meeting, I had my next meal only to realize that I forgot to eat at 8:00.  I was not that hungry so it wasn’t on my radar plus I was caught up in the excitement and preparation for the show.

At the competitor meeting, the promoter provided show timing starting at 11 and running straight through ending at 4:00pm.   Most shows have a 3-4 hour break between pre-judging and awards.  The OCB had considered running the show straight through for ten years and this was the first show in which they are testing the format.  During the meeting, the promoter provided information regarding overall winners in open and novice divisions.  Competitors in those divisions who place first would receive their Pro card and be subjected to urine testing.  If the winning competitors did not get tested within 3 hours of the show they would lose their Pro card.  Since this is a natural show drug testing is critical.

After the meeting, all competitors went back downstairs to get ready.   I learned from Jen, who had competed in a prior show,  that now is the time to put your suit on and use glue to hold it in place.  I bought 3M Adhesive spray and Elmer’s adhesive spray.  I used the 3M because Emily mentioned that this is the one that she uses to ensure that her suit does not move.   There is really no science to applying the glue.  You basically spray the glue in the areas where you want the suit to stick.  I sprayed all over to ensure my suit would not move.

Now was the waiting period to go on stage and the time to pump up muscles.  I brought a band to pump but noticed that a few competitors used 10lb dumbbells.

Competitors lined up by class (Bikini, Figure, Men’s Physique, and Men’s Body Building), division  Masters 40+, Novice, and Open, and number.

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