Monthly Measurements

First Month Measurements

After one month of working with Ray, I am pleased to announce huge progress. This did not come without dedication and commitment.  I was disciplined even while on vacation in Mexico in large part because I did not want a bad conversation with Ray when I got back.

As I’ve learned from training last time I competed, I knew preparation was key.  I let Ray know about the trip, the type of equipment they had at the gym which enabled him to adjust my workouts, and I knew to bring my protein powder.  While  in Mexico, I adjusted my meal plan based on what I could find to eat and did my best to eat lean protein.  Each morning I had a container of yogurt and 1/2 cup of oatmeal, for lunch I had a huge salad with a variety of protein which would change based on what was featured at the buffet.  Some days it was ceviche, other days it was chicken, and some days it was tuna with lime juice.  For dinner, I was able stay on track with protein and 8oz of potato as Ray crafted it for me.  Snacks were protein drinks just before dinner.

I also made sure that I got in the gym.  As Ray adjusted my workouts to accommodate the type of equipment they had in the gym at the hotel, the workouts were dumb bell focused.  At first, the workouts were hard because I had to train my mind, cognitive thinking, to process what I was asking it to do, but towards the end of the week I was lifting heavier which means my body was adapting.

I am at 10% body fat.  In looking at the pictures below you may say you don’t look like you’re 10% body fat.  I am!  Ray counseled me that people may question my body fat percentage, but he assured me that it is accurate.  He said that he is using the same caliper device, 9 site testing, and he is the one who has been performing all the tests.

I am starting to see a little more definition in my muscles which means that I am getting leaner.  I am also starting to see movement on the scale.  All of these thing are encouraging.

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