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Lean Out Meal Plan- Competition Week

Monday, April 3 marks six days before my first Figure competition and the first day of lean out plan.   I am still taking in six small  meals a day.  Some of the biggest differences are that when I’m hungry I am not allowed to drink protein powder, if I need a caffeine fix I can only sip black coffee, and I have to drink a lot of water.    The purpose of leaning out is to flush the body and to deplete it of excess water making the body appear lean and the muscles more cut.

Below is the meal plan that Emily crafted for me.   There is a science behind the meal plan and I am not recommending this or suggesting this for anyone as a weight loss plan.  This meal plan is restrictive eating and if not done with proper supervision of an expert, in my case Emily, and without the proper supplements, it can be harmful to one’s body .

Upon waking up, drink 160z of water and take regular vitamins.  I take a multivitamin, milk thistle, and a thermogenic (fat loss).

Meal One:  2/3 cup oats and 1 Tablsespoon flax seed oil with 4oz chicken and glutamine.

Meal Two:  60z tilapia and 1o thin cucumber slices

Snack:  4 grapefruit wedges

Meal Three:  3oz tuna rinsed with 1/2 cup diced avocado and 2/3 cup brown and glutamine.   The reason for rinsing the tuna is to eliminate or reduce the amount of salt in the tuna through the canning process.

Meal Four:  4oz flank steak with 10 asparagus spears

Meal Five:  4oz tilapia with 1 cup chopped kale and 10 almonds with balsamic vinegar

Meal Six:  3oz tuna with 1/2 cup diced avocado and 1/4 cup roasted red pepper

Water intake is also critical to the show week meal plan.   The strategy is to maximize water intake early in the week and minimize water as it gets closer to the show depleting water, bloat, and leaning out the physique.

Monday & Tuesday:  Drink 1.5 gallons or 192 ounces of water.  As a point of reference for how much additional water this is, on a regular day I consume 120 oz of water.  It doesn’t seem like a big difference, but I literally had two 30 ounce water bottles filled ready for consumption.

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