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Month 1 Meal Plan

The below meal plan is based on the customized workouts that have been crafted for me.

I went to Costco and stocked up on lean protein, veggies, almonds, and yogurt. I also went and bought a 30 oz water bottle because mentally for me it is easier to drink 4-30 oz bottles of water as opposed to 6- 20 oz bottles of water.

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My fitness coach, Megan, advised that the meals are suggestions.   I can substitute a lean meat with a different lean meat I just need to make sure it’s the same amount of calories/ macros give or take ( turkey, chicken, lean beef, egg whites etc) same thing goes for veggies and carbs. I can  have pretty much any veggie.   Megan’s go to choices are broccoli, any sort of lettuce greens, green beans, asparagus, bell peppers, cucumber, and squash. There is no such thing as too many veggies.  So if I am still hungry I should eat more veggies.

As far as the carbs, sources should be (sweet potato or regular potato, oatmeal, whole wheat bread ( at least 3 grams of fiber per slice, brown rice or brown pasta) —- make sure all serving sizes are correct per calorie amount ( ex- 1 medium sweet potato 110cal= 1 slice multi grain bread 100cal) all exchanges should be roughly the same +/- 10 cal

MEASURE EVERYTHING! This is especially important when you are learning the correct portion sizes. I have a scale and measuring cups.  Megan shared that where people go wrong is with the serving sizes.

On this meal plan, I am  allowed one cheat meal a week ( i.e. going out, to a party etc). Plan your day around the cheat meal, however the meal should still be tracked so I should leave extra calories for that meal so that I don’t go over my macros by a ton that day, no more than 300 cal over.

As for drinking, it shoudl be kept to to my cheat meal only or not at all- it’s ok to enjoy a glass or 2 of wine, but measure it and track it.

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