My Experience Working with a Trainer

I have always seen people at the gym working with a trainer, but until now I have never truly understood the benefit of working with one.

I  am comfortable in a weight room, and I understand what weight machines work the different parts of the body.  Being certified in various group fitness exercise programs (Spinning, Tabata, TRX, and Yoga), I understand the fundamentals of  crafting a workout.

My 41st birthday exposed me to the value that I have seen in working with a trainer.  Before I share those benefits, I want to preface by saying that not all trainers are equal.  I feel that to truly have success and enjoy a transformational journey, you need to have a connection with your trainer and your trainer needs to understand your fitness goals.

I am so fortunate to have Megan Vaccaro as my fitness coach/trainer.  From my first consultation with Megan, I was confident that she understood my goals and she was as committed as I was to my success.    I never imagined that my relationship with Megan would blossom into a friendship.

Megan is accountable to the results that I have seen and she understands that this is a journey.  Not only does she log into my My Fitness Pal account to make sure that I am logging in daily, but she encourages me for doing so. Additionally, Megan has understood my frustrations from not seeing enough movement on the scale or even slight weight gains on this journey and she is there with words of encouragement and motivation. She reminds me that this is a process and that nothing good is easy and nothing easy is good.

From a workout perspective, Megan understands the time constraint that I have not wanting to be in the gym for hours after working a full day.  The workouts she has crafted have been designed to be effective, impactful and efficient.

Megan builds a different set of workouts weekly and to date I have seen no duplication. There are three days that I workout in addition to the one day that I teach Tabata.  One of the three days is a workout with Megan. I look forward to that workout and the time flies.

Thank you, Megan, for being supportive and motivating.


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