Figure Competition, Posing Practice

Second Guessing Suit Selection

I felt really good when I was at Emily’s house and selected my suit. However after practicing in the suits especially the two piece, I realized that I couldn’t wear the two piece for the show.   It was way too big and when I walked I was exposing myself.  I already knew that I was going to be uncomfortable on stage since this was a new experience, I was being judged, and the poses could come off rigid.   I didn’t need to add to these feelings by having a suit that I have doubts about and think doesn’t fit well.

I had to do what I thought was right for me even if it meant spending more on a suit and possibly even not getting a refund from Emily for the two piece I rented from her that I wasn’t going to wear.   I went online and researched figure competition suits.  There were very few sites that specialize in figure competition suits, and Saleyla which was most prominent.  Some sites were for custom suits only where I would design my own suit (color, jewels, cut etc) but time was not on my side for that as I would need to get measurements and it would take about a month for the suit to be made. Additionally, custom made suits come at a premium in terms of investment.    I decided to purchase a pre-made suit from Saleyla.  I had many options to choose from and the price started at around $250 for a bedazzled suit with rhinestones.  It was more than I was prepared to pay but I didn’t have many options.

From my experience at Emily’s and what I learned about color selection, I was able to narrow down my choices by colors that I tried on at Emily’s.  I found a suit with dimensions that would fit me in a purple color.  I decided to move forward with that.   When I got it, it reinforced my decision and the direction I chose to take.

As for Emily, she was very cool and understanding of the situation.  While she still thought the purple two piece that I picked out at her house looked beautiful, she didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable and so we worked out something regarding the two piece that I rented.

When my new two piece arrived from Saleyla, I immediately tried it on and felt like it fit me just right.   The bottoms felt a little on the snug side but I could position them where I wanted the suit to lie by using adhesive spray.

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