Staying on Plan When You Travel

For the next three days, I will be traveling for work. I thought about how my travel could impact the meal plan I have been on to achieve the results that I’m looking for. Staying on plan in terms of my nutrition and raising the bar on my fitness is a priority. Preparation is key. I knew that I could not control every meal, but I could do the best to control what I consume to the best of my ability. While I was staying at a hotel that serves free breakfast in the morning, and I could find healthy options such as hard boiled eggs, yogurt, and fruit, I knew that I could maintain the eating plan that I have been on by packing certain foods from home.

When I’m home, I eat 1/4 cup of almonds on my way to work as a snack so that I’m not starving, and I eat oatmeal and a protein drink for breakfast once I get to work. In preparation of my travels, I packed 2 containers with 1/4 cup of almonds each and two containers with 1/2 cup of oatmeal.

Since I knew that I would be in meetings when I would typically eat the oatmeal breakfast, I started my day with oatmeal and a hard boiled egg (as my protein), and I saved the almonds for a snack later in the morning. As for dinner, my flight lands at 8:30p.m.. By the time I would get my bags and get to the hotel it would be around 9:30p.m. which was way too late to be eating. Instead, I packed myself a turkey sandwich (two slices of wheat bread, mixed greens, mustard, and 4 slices of deli turkey) to take with and eat on the plane. I also packed two scoops of protein powder in a bag so that I would be able to have a protein powder to drink at any time. By planning ahead, I am able to maintain the new lifestyle way of eating.

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